Technique Guide

The Goal Post washer & screw device is designed to provide secure fixation of sutures during cruciate ligament repair.


 One size fits all means less inventory

Unicortical fixation means you don’t have to measure for bicoritcal screw length

Very low profile

Washer overhang flange covers knot which significantly reduces the chances of implant removal due to the development of a reactive bursa over the suture knot

 Titanium smooth finish, biocompatibility

 Simple instrumentation

Smooth dowel post to tie sutures off on reduces the chances of abrading sutures

Step 1:

Position the drill guide without the locating post where you want the suture washer to rest. Note that the outer profile of the drill guide is the same size and shape as the washer itself. Drill through the guide hole.


Step 2:

Slip the locating post into the drilled hole and against the guide where you want the washer to rest. As in step one, the outer profile of the guide corresponds with that of the washer. Drill through the second guide hole.


Step: 3

Slip the washer partially into the first whole. Tie off #5 non-absorbable sutures around the post snug against the bone. This will prevent the sutures from loosening when the washer is seated.


Step 4:

Press the washer down against the bone with your thumb. Insert the fixation screw and drive it with a standard 3.5 mm hex driver.